Mountain status: Standing By for Winter
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TONIGHT: Mostly clear, with a low around 34.
THANKSGIVING DAY: Sunny, with a high near 55.
Wednesday, November 22, 2017, 8:20 pm.
Ski Season Starts Friday, November 24, 2017.
Ability Level Chart

Students will be given basic information on ski equipment, safety considerations and the basic skills for movement: walk, slide, glide, stop skiing with skis in a wedge position and basic turns in this position.

LEVEL 1 You have never skied before.
Terrain: Bottom of the beginner slope.
LEVEL 2 You can make slight wedge turns and can stop, but cannot link the turns.
Terrain: Bottom of the beginner slope.
Students will be given a review of basic information. The focus of the new information will be based on holding a strong wedge position and linking turns carrying more speed.
LEVEL 3 Linked wedge turns and speed control on the steepness of the bunny hill.
Terrain: Beginner slope.
LEVEL 4 Controlled wedge turns and able to finish turns with skis in a parallel position.
Terrain: Beginner slope.
At this level students will be provided with information that will build on previously acquired skills. Focus will be placed on developing your parallel skiing fundamentals.
LEVEL 5 You can match your skis parallel in the middle of a "skidded" turn.
Terrain: Bonanza, Town Sight, Lone Spruce.
LEVEL 6 You can start your turns with a slight wedge, then quickly match to parallel. You actively utilize a pole plant. Terrain: Lone Spruce, Big Mother, Aspen.
At this level you are skiing predominantly in parallel. These classes use a Coach/Advanced Educator type format to refine and sharpen your skills on varied terrain and snow conditions.
LEVEL 7 Linking open stance parallel turns, but some difficulties in bumps and crud.
Terrain: Lumberyard, Aspen, Big Mother, Compromise, Precious.
LEVEL 8 Skiing short, carved parallel turns and desire to ski more extreme conditions.
Terrain: Compromise, Precious, Nuther Mother, Sidewinder.
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